Why Coconut Carbon?

Carbon filtration is one of the world’s oldest known means of water purification, having been used for thousands of years. Texts dating back as far as 2000 B.C. refer to filtering water through charcoal, and it’s believed that ancient Egyptians may have used carbon filtration for medical purposes. The modern carbon filter we think of today was invented in 1862, and was originally used only for water purification. A decade later in 1872, it was used for air purification for the first time.

Throughout history, many different materials have been used for air purification. The first and still most commonly used is charcoal. Unfortunately, the processes for extracting coal and charcoal is incredibly rough on the environment, involving extensive mining (for coal) and deforestation (for charcoal). Thankfully, these destructive methods are not the only way of creating carbon.

Gorilla exclusively uses activated coconut shell carbon for our carbon filters for several reasons. In addition to being significantly more effective, the process for creating activated coconut shell carbon is completely sustainable—it merely requires harvesting coconuts. An average coconut tree will produce coconuts for roughly 80 years, and the fruit can be harvested twice per year.

The source of carbon is crucial to the effectiveness of your filter. Ultra-Activated Coconut Carbon has a significantly higher density of micro-pores than other forms of activated carbon such as the bituminous coal found in standard odor filters. By utilizing only the best Coconut Carbon, Gorilla Tactical Carbon Filters are 50% more effective at adsorbing odors and contaminants than leading alternatives.

Plants need fresh, clean air to thrive, and carbon filters remove pathogens, disease-causing spores, contaminants, dust, and bacteria, from the air. Those airborne microscopic agents of destruction are constantly trying to infiltrate your grow. The Gorilla Tactical Carbon Filter is your weapon of defense against these forces of evil.

When you must completely sterilize your air, there’s no substitute for the highest quality filter on the planet, the Gorilla Tactical Carbon Filter. Available in 4”, 6”, and 8” standard sizes to seamlessly integrate with your new or current indoor garden.

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4×12 6×24 8×24
Duct Size 4″ 6″ 8″
Length 12″ 24″ 24″
Airflow Rating 200 CFM 500 CFM 700 CFM
Weight 7.6 lbs. 17.75 lbs. 21.9 lbs.
Carbon Type  Coconut Carbon Coconut Carbon Coconut Carbon
Bed Thickness 2″ 2″ 2″

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