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Gorilla DE Pro Series Commercial Grow Light | HPS/CMH Compatible


Recommended accessories for your Gorilla DE!

120v 6-Foot Power Cord for Gorilla DE Pro Series Grow Light

Maximum Input Amps 15
Cable Length (ft.) 6
Voltage Compatibility (VAC) 125

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Gorilla, makers of the world’s most indestructible products, have turned their attention to detail and quality to create the industry’s best grow lights. Just as their original products redefined the grow tent, the HPS, and CMH compatible Gorilla DE Pro Series Grow Light will revolutionize horticultural lighting.
PLEASE NOTE: This product includes a 240v power cord. If you need a 120v power cord, you must purchase it separately (available as an add-on).

Input Voltage 120/240 or 347 volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Output Power 600 – 1150 dimmable in 1% steps
Input Current 4.40 amperes @ 240 volts
System Efficiency 94.7% @ 240 volts
Driver Efficiency at Full Power > 98%
Power Factor > 99.4%
Luminous Flux > 2100 µMol/sec (Ushio Power Plus Lamp)
External Controller GGT RLC1 Smart Controller
External Controller Cord Type RJ14(6P6C)
On-Board Dimming Push Button
Warranty 3-Year
Certifications CE, CSA, FCC, ROHS


Most DE grow light manufacturers will tell you that a 5% failure rate is common and to be expected. In some cases that number reaches as high as 15%. Gorilla Commercial Lighting is proud to introduce a double-ended fixture that has been over-engineered using only the best components, meticulously manufactured with the tightest quality control standards allowing us to boast an amazingly low failure rate of less than 0.1%. The Gorilla DE Pro Series is more efficient resulting in higher PPF, and less heat than the leading competitor brands resulting in greater quality and yield for all of your grows. It can also run both HPS and CMH* bulbs. This all-in-one fixture utilizes a unique, low-frequency square wave design and optimized heat sinks, effectively increasing the lamp’s performance and making it the best grow light on the market today. The advanced design succeeds in lowering the considerable heat, acoustic resonance, and EMI produced by the leading high frequency, sine wave, DE competitors.

NOTE: The Cultilux 1000w CMH Bulb is non-dimmable. If using in the DE Pro Series, fixture must be run at the 1000w setting.

DE PRO Series Grow Light Manual

*Use only with double arc tube style CMH bulbs.
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