Kind LED Grow Lights
Kind LED Grow Lights Awards

Maximize Yields with Targeted Full Spectrum

Energy Efficient and Low
Heat Output

Exceptional Build Quality and Durability

X Series

The advancements of the X² brought to your smaller grow space. The X Series grow lights deliver commercial grow results to every size of your home grow.

Grow Light Accessories

Get the most out of your grow room with our Grow Light Accessories.

Why Choose Kind LED?

Kind LED has been the industry leader in targeted full spectrum LED grow lights since 2014. We’ve consulted with hundreds of professional medical growers to rigorously research and develop our proprietary cutting-edge LED technology which continually revolutionizes the indoor growing industry year after year. Kind LEDs are widely considered the best LED grow lights to maximize yields and potency on the market today.

Kind LED X² Commercial LED Grow Lights

Bigger Yields & Higher Quality with Targeted Full Spectrum

Full spectrum diodes used by white light LED companies were originally designed for home and office use. Kind’s Targeted Full Spectrum is specifically engineered for plants to maximize harvest weight and plant quality. Our spectrum is the result of hundreds of thousands of hours of field testing in Northern California’s medicinal plant industry.
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