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Calathea Majestica ‘White Star’ (goeppertia majestica) with yellow leaves and brown spots

Signs of Overwatering in Indoor Plants

Too much of a good thing definitely applies to indoor growing. Plants can get too much light, too many nutrients at once, and yes…even too much water! So how can you give a plant too much of the most essential compounds for life itself? Let’s take a look. What does watering do for a plant?

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A blonde black woman gets close to her potted plants with closed eyes and a serene expression

Why Do Indoor Plants Need Nutrients?

There’s a reason grow tents are taking off in popularity. Growing indoors isn’t just therapeutic and potentially profitable–it can be much more reliable and controllable than growing outdoors. Nobody wants to replicate the hail, locusts, and flooding of the outside inside, but there are still certain conditions plants grown in the ground can access naturally

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Rows of dozens of green seedlings

Seeds Vs Clones: What’s better in your Grow Tent?

Have you been growing indoors? Great!   Nothing compares to adding that next plant to your mini-jungle, whether you’ve bought a rooted clone, or a new packet of seeds. But is one better than the other? Who wins in the battle of seeds vs clones? Let’s look at the pros and cons! Check out our

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Gorilla Introduces Gorilla Clone Tents for Clones and Seedlings!

The success of your harvest can easily be traced back to the early stages of your grow. If you want the best results, you need to start with the best environment for your clones and seedlings. Gorilla Grow Tent is excited to Introduce the very first custom-tailored environment for cloning, the Gorilla Clone Tent. Offering

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Gorilla Grow Tent Carbon Filters

Carbon Filtration Has a New King of the Jungle!

Gorilla is proud to announce the new gold standard in carbon filtration, the Gorilla Tactical Carbon Filter. Clean, contaminant-free air is one of the most essential elements of indoor gardening. Gorilla Tactical Carbon Filters use only Ultra-Activated Coconut Carbon for maximum adsorption and peak effectiveness in eliminating pathogens and odors. The source of carbon is

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Why Coconut Carbon?

Carbon filtration is one of the world’s oldest known means of water purification, having been used for thousands of years. Texts dating back as far as 2000 B.C. refer to filtering water through charcoal, and it’s believed that ancient Egyptians may have used carbon filtration for medical purposes. The modern carbon filter we think of

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Kind LED X² Commercial Targeted Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Introducing the Kind LED X² – A Game-Changing Innovation in Commercial LED Grow Light Technology

Kind LED Grow Lights has announced the X², a game-changing innovation in commercial grow technology. Developed as the perfect solution to vertical racking and overhead grow operations, the X² was specifically designed for close proximity growing, capitalizing on valuable tiered growing space while maintaining a large coverage footprint and even PPFD output. This means increased

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White Lie #6: “Working under Blurple LEDs sucks”

Welcome to a new blog series from Grow Strong Industries where we address some of the misinformation currently being spread by the white light LED manufacturers so prolific in the horticultural lighting industry. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity, please read the other posts in this series. White Lie #1: Efficacy is more important

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