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The Original Gorilla Grow Tent

When Gorilla created the Tallest, Thickest, Strongest grow tents, they revolutionized the indoor growing industry.

Lite Line Gorilla Grow Tent

The LITE LINE is the best thing to happen to indoor gardening since, well, Gorilla Grow Tent. Engineered for those who want a Gorilla Growing Experience on a budget.

Shorty Gorilla Grow Tent

Everything you love from the Original Grow Tent line, designed to fit those vertically challenged spaces. Plus, our Shorty tents are taller than most standard tents with the ability to height adjust!

Gorilla Clone Tents

Gorilla Clone Tents offer industry-leading durability, diamond reflective technology, and an optional integrated carbon filter and fan to create the perfect environment to achieve faster, healthier rooting. Clone Strong!

Gorilla Carbon Filters

Clean, contaminant-free air is one of the most essential elements of indoor gardening. We use only Ultra-Activated Coconut Carbon for maximum adsorption.

Gorilla Grow Tent Accessories

Take your Gorilla grow to the next level with GGT Accessories like high CFM kits, net trellises, gear boards, and more.

Gorilla DE Pro Series

The coolest running, most dependable DE fixture on the market.
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Why Choose Gorilla Grow Tent?

The goal was simple: produce the thickest, strongest, and most durable indoor grow tent that could also adjust vertically. In 2011, when Gorilla introduced their first grow tent, it revolutionalized the indoor grow industry and changed what was possible to accomplish in a grow tent. Flash forward 10 years, the Gorilla name is still synonymous with the best grow tents in the industry. If you are serious about your grow, there is only one brand to trust: Gorilla.

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